Smooth Line of The Madness

When sometimes darkness seems to bring goodness
When sometimes brightness seems to bring the Devil
Thy things don't seem very brilliant, and don't seem very beautiful, dazzling, gorgeous
Nothing could stop Thee from manipulating it when Thee perceive the truth, 
Things don't seem very perfect

Thursday, February 11, 2010

O Thou My Lovely Boy! xD

yea, yea, from Sonnet26 i guess. 

About the Van Alen Legacy, == the second time I was wrong picking book. 

Van Alen Legacy is the final book of The Blue Bloods series. But yea, yea, i got it about how the story goes. ==

Still, I have to read BLUE BLOODS! The first one. The ending was so addictive! But I'm still dying for the first one! Reallyyy!

Where? Where?

Here's the Blue Blood: 
blue bloods Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confession before Bein' Asked


==' =='  >:((

Today feels like the worst day! It was just this evening, the so-call Kadet Polis trainers and bla, bla tortured us. Not to mention that they'd forced us, the Weak, (really!) berkawat kaki at the middle of an exposed area for an hour, or--idk. Felt like the sunlight has burned up my skin and it's true, it's the hell on the world, Allah! 

They think they're good, but they aren't. And no way that I'd waste my time to attend the meeting every Friday evening. It's a waste of time, actually. Torturing. They should just train the form 1 kiddos. Badass. 

I mean it. Don't need to ask. I hate it. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

*Blinking Without the Eyelids*


Eternal's awesome. I guess I've truly into this story, better than Twilight Saga but not Fallen, of course. 

I just guess if we human can live forever, without serpents. 

It's sad when I know that I'm a fragile one that was losing herself from the reality. And when I got on my feet back, I know I wouldn't have been so real. Feel like I'm floating, in my dreams. LOL

That's funny, though. I know I've been rambling about things here but I don't even give a damn about what you guys think, (as if i have readers, lol). 

I just express the feeling that I feel when I've finished reading a novel. And what the novel tells me about. It's like watching a movie in my head. Guys, watch out, I have TV in my head. :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Succeed, Again, Pursued.

Ngee~ I've gotten The Seven Rays this morning and not to mention that I've also grabbed the Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith. 

And by the time I'm typing this one, I've finished reading The Seven Rays and it was completely awesome, and amazing! I've never been wrong in choosing, ;)

Alright then, gonna read the Eternal. 

:D surely the best novel, when here it says: Stephanie Meyer, move over, Twilight fans, you're gonna love Eternal. ;p

As usual, hahah!