Smooth Line of The Madness

When sometimes darkness seems to bring goodness
When sometimes brightness seems to bring the Devil
Thy things don't seem very brilliant, and don't seem very beautiful, dazzling, gorgeous
Nothing could stop Thee from manipulating it when Thee perceive the truth, 
Things don't seem very perfect

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thirst, No.1 Pictures, Images and Photos 
Thirst No. 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

THIRST #1 and #2 finished. 6 days. :D

The books are fantastic. Just all of those past moments of Sita's in the story made me wonder more than I should. The author (Christopher Pike) must be a brilliant writer. He's gotten lots of ideas to write those books, which conclude religious matter, ancient stuff and those all are great! And awesome! 
Cruelty has been shown but I think Sita is the most powerful vampire. Hahah, :)
Great books. I'll be searching for Eternal and The Seven Rays novels next. 

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