Smooth Line of The Madness

When sometimes darkness seems to bring goodness
When sometimes brightness seems to bring the Devil
Thy things don't seem very brilliant, and don't seem very beautiful, dazzling, gorgeous
Nothing could stop Thee from manipulating it when Thee perceive the truth, 
Things don't seem very perfect

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Night Ends With A Flash of Hurtful Light

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Am I being really emo-ish?
Red ones, peonies, they're all destroyed 
As the Hell on the world being all dictatorial
No more greenish stuff left on the World
The damned lam-os, put their feet on thy Weak Heads
Giving thou Directions
But Slaves always Slaves
Thy patience; 
Melt the damned lam-os, kneel on thy feet, 

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